Monday, October 24, 2011

Perspective and Gratitude

Earlier this month Purdue University held a student forum where administrators shared their perspective, and students were encouraged to ask questions.  It seems an admirable practice and more will be scheduled.  One of the main topics was scholarships and the plans about how to raise more funds without tuition increases. 

One part of the article caught my eye because it seemed not quite right.  Students were asking about scholarships and the college president related to a reporter:  "Some of the scholarships we do give, students are interested will they keep pace with inflation because their expenses grow every year.”

You would think students would be grateful to receive scholarships.  Instead, they are commenting on their increasing expenses and asking if the scholarships will increase, as if asking Mom or Dad for a raise in their allowance.

Instead of calling them scholarships, let’s call them what they really are to the students, free money.  It's a gift, not a right.  How does this sound?  “About this free money you are giving me, you see my expenses keep going up and if you keep giving me the same amount of free money, I may not be able to make ends meet.”  How is this entitlement mentality going to translate into their life and work experiences after graduation?  

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