Monday, December 24, 2012

A Gift for You

Merry Christmas!  Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas is still tomorrow, and I don’t think it’s offensive to wish everyone a good day tomorrow and every day.

I also hope the understanding spreads far and wide that behavior has consequences and that the only sure way to improve our outcomes in America is to improve the behavioral inputs in the five key dimensions.

To show my personal dedication to the cause, I am offering each of my readers a Christmas present.  It’s important to good critical thinking that we not be tricked by all the statistical reference in the news and advertising and that we not spend our money where the probability of return is low.  Accordingly, I have attached a link to a free, PDF copy of my book, Statistics: Short and Simple.

Several years ago after teaching night classes to business majors, watching them struggle and psyche themselves out, I wrote this very short explanation – all you need to know about statistics without having to do a single calculation.  The math can be done by any spreadsheet application.  It’s knowing what to do, why you are doing it, and what to do with the answer that’s really important.

So download and enjoy!  Send a copy to your friends!  I know a statistics book was probably not on your wish list, but some of the best gifts are the ones you don’t anticipate.  Besides, think of all the royalties I am foregoing by giving it away for free! 

Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

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