Friday, December 25, 2015

The Perspective Trick

Part of the skill of perspective is the ability to slow down and evaluate what is really important, to take a deep breath and not panic over the small things.  To do that it is necessary to be able to identify the small things, to distinguish the important from the trivial.  There is no better time than Christmas, when we are reminded of the real meaning and discouraged from spending money on lots of things, instead spending money and time on the important people in our lives.  We should appreciate what we have in terms of relationships, stepping away from the competition at work and within peer groups.

So for a tip on perspective I turn to my three-year-old granddaughter.  Last weekend we were watching a movie together on DVD.  It was a musical comedy, which I thought would keep her amused.  When one of the first musical numbers came on, she said, “Get up and dance around the chair.”  Now that might not sound like much, but I think it is excellent advice.

Think about how much better off the country would be, if whenever someone was feeling a little sad, they just got up and danced around the chair.  When things aren’t going well in the office, the computer is getting fussy again or the boss is on your case, get up and dance around the chair.  Don’t be a couch potato spending all afternoon glued to consecutive professional football games or bowl games, take a break and dance around the chair!

If the practice catches on, it might even improve the overall health of the country, reducing obesity and diabetes while stimulating the brain with added blood flow.  This could be the answer to the entire healthcare crisis! – or just a way to take a break, slow down and consider whether all the fuss and anxiety are justified.

Try it right now.  I promise not to point and laugh.  It’s Christmas Day; and whether you observe it or not, there is no excuse not to have a merry one!  All you need is a chair.

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