Monday, May 22, 2017

Some People Do Get It!

I probably don’t dwell on positive behavioral examples often enough, but this one came up on a local news report in Indiana.

The story tells of a 14 year-old boy living in West Lafayette who started his lawn care business at the age of 8.  He began with only a couple of nearby customers and has grown the business to about 40 yards in the neighborhood.

Though he had some difficulty getting started – some might consider an eight-year-old mowing lawns as not a very safe situation and I would tend to agree – he persevered and grew the business from year to year.  It seems to be a real business in that he reinvests a portion of his earnings in better mowing and yard maintenance equipment without relying on financial assistance from his parents.

The segment also made clear with a number of interviews of the neighbors that he understands the importance of outstanding customer service.  They say he is always on time, reliable and conscientious.  When they see the results, they “always want more.”

Some of his earnings he saves, some he reinvests in mowers and snow blowers, but he even reserves some to give to local charities.  He’s a kid with a good attitude who “enjoys taking care of people.”

These are the kinds of behaviors that reflect the entire range of the five key dimensions.  America needs more kids and clearly more adults with this kind of perspective, work ethic and generally good values.  What a marvelous example!

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